Vsafecustody.com Disclaimer:

Vsafe platform and service provision is temporary suspended for unforeseen period due to ongoing investigation on failure of AML compliance requirements and fraudulent actions executed by the beneficial owners and managers of the Vsafe company including affiliated persons.

Vsafe has been solely responsible for products, marketing promotion and customer management including daily operations to be compliant with AML compliance and legal acts.

Vsafe entered to the agreement with Wallex Custody with request to receive technology and support maintenance services. Unfortunately, Vsafe violated agreement and the Wallex Custody has been forced to terminate any contractual relationships with the Vsafe company.

Wallex Custody has never provided any investment advice, marketing promotion in direction of Vsafe clients. Moreover, Vsafe has been using brand name of Wallex illegally and caused the reputational damage including misleading clients and public. Accordingly, Vsafe is solely responsible for all actions caused by their fraudulent actions and activities.

Any person which has any inquire and/or request of compensation related to the Vsafe operations shall contact directly beneficial owners and managers of the Vsafe and associates :


E-Mail: g2gambini@gmail.com  

Mobile : +39 340 8868063


E-Mail: davide.scola@yahoo.it

Mobile : +393920580888


E-Mail: Riccardo.buffoli@gmail.com

Mobile: +39 3388784379